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Parliamentary activity
2000-2004 (dep.)
legislative initiatives
mediation committees
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Parliamentary activity in legislature 2000-2004

Constituency no.15 COVASNA

Political party:
PDSR-Social Democracy Party of Romania - until jun. 2001
PSD-Social Democratic Party - since jun. 2001

Parliamentary group:
Parliamentary group of the Social Democrat Party 

Standing committees
Committee for Legal Matters, Discipline, and Immunities

Other commisions
Validation Committee

Parliamentary friendship groups:
 Friendship parliamentary group with Kingdom of Spain 
 Friendship parliamentary group with State of Israel  Vice-Chairperson

Parliamentary activity in figures:
Speaches:15 (in 14 plenary sittings)
Legislative initiatives: 1, din care 1 promulgata lege
Member of the25 mediation committees

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