Nicolae-Liviu DRAGNEA
Curriculum Vitae

Date of birth28 October 1962

1987 - 1991 Engineer
1991 - 1996 Administrator of private companies
1996 - 2000 Prefect, Teleorman county
2000 - 2012 President of the Teleorman County Council
December 2012 - present Deputy - Parliament of Romania
December 2012 - May 2015 Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Regional Development and Public Administration

Functions, activities in a political party
1995 - 2001 Vice President of the Teleorman county organisation, Democratic Party
2001 - 2005 Executive President of the Teleorman county organisation, Social Democratic Party (PSD), member of the Central Executive Bureau
2005 - 2012 President of PSD Teleorman county organisation, member of the PSD Permanent National Bureau
2010 - 2013 PSD Secretary General
2013 - 2015 Executive Chairman of the Social Democratic Party
2015 - present President of the Social Democratic Party

Functions, activities in an organisation of central or local public administration
June - December 1996 Local Councillor - Local Council, Turnu Magurele
1996 - 2000 Prefect, Teleorman county
2000 - 2012 President, Teleorman County Council
December 2012 - present Deputy - Parliament of Romania
December 2012 – May 2015 Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Regional Development and Public Administration

Functions, activities in other national organizations
2004 - 2012 President of the National Union of County Councils of Romania

Functions, activities in international organizations
2001 Member of the Congress of Local and Regional Authorities of Europe (CLRAE)
2003 CLRAE rapporteur for the project "Management of water resources in river basins"
2004 CLRAE rapporteur for the project "Youth involvement in sustainable development issues"

1987 Polytechnic Institute of Bucharest - Faculty of Transport, Engineer
1997 Public Administration Higher School of the Italian Ministry of the Interior - intensive course
2001 Management of local public administration, Academy of Economic Studies - Bucharest - post-university course
2004 National Defence University - National Defence College

  • "Honorary citizen of Leon County", Florida, USA, 2001, for his contribution to the success of the "International mission for getting acquainted with the local and governmental public administration of the United States of America";
  • "Oscar for Excellence 2003" to reward the personality of the year in Teleorman county, for outstanding community service;
  • "Diploma of Excellence 2004" awarded by Federation of Local Authorities in Romania, to reward the most active president of county council for exceptional results in local public administration.
  • Medal of Honor "Friend of the Jewish community", awarded for high appreciation and public support for the contribution of Jews to the economy and culture of Romania, authentic friendship toward the Jews of Romania, constant support of important projects concerning historical Jewish legacy from Romania, recognizing the need for cooperation with national minorities from Romania
  • "Compass of Jerusalem" - January 2016 - the highest distinction granted by the European Jewish Congress for personal contribution made to promote the concept of tolerance and combating Holocaust denial, for friendship shown to the State of Israel and Jewish communities.

Initiation and implementation of large projects:
  • 2000-2003: restructuring and modernisation of material resources for child protection in accordance with EU standards; the first county in Romania that abolished the residential-type institutions and provided family-type conditions provided for all the institutionalised children;
    • 13 projects with non-reimbursable financing, in amount of 1.3 million euros, were implemented under the programme "Children First"
  • June 2002: initiation and promotion of the project "Border crossing point by ferry, Turnu Magurele – Nikopol" financed from Phare-CBC funds
  • October 2002: creation of the first county integrated information system in Romania;
  • 2005: initiation and implementation of a large investment project benefiting Teleorman county, "Integrated Waste Management System", a project included in the programme "A clean Teleorman";
  • Initiation and implementation of the largest investment project in the field of water supply and sewage in Teleorman county – "Rehabilitation and extension of water supply and sewage systems
  • Rehabilitation of the County Emergency Hospital, Alexandria, Teleorman
  • Water supply in rural localities for 300,000 residents of Teleorman County
  • Rehabilitation of 704 km of county roads
  • Construction of social housing
  • Rehabilitation of schools in the county
  • Annual afforestation of degraded lands
  • Procurement of special equipment to improve the capacity and quality of the system of intervention in emergency situations and provision of emergency medical assistance and qualified first aid in the South-Muntenia Region.

May 1997 initiation, as prefect of Teleorman county, of the establishment of the first development region (South Muntenia) and establishment of the Regional Development Agency
September 1997 organisation in Turnu Magurele, under the aegis of the Council of Europe, of the "Seminar on cross-border cooperation of the Danube riparian counties”, which constituted the beginning of the Romanian-Bulgarian cooperation
October 1997 organisation, under the title "Romania-Africa", of a documentary and friendship visit in Teleorman county for heads of diplomatic missions from seven African countries, accredited in Bucharest. The visit aimed at initiating economic relations between Teleorman county and the respective countries
June 1998 organisation of a documentation visit to Teleorman for senior officials of the European Commission (persons in charge from the Directorates-General for external relations, regional policy, agriculture and rural development, fisheries, employment), within the framework of preparing Romania’s access to financial tools, in view of the pre- accession to the European Union
June 1998 organisation in collaboration with the Ministry of National Defence and the National Defence College of the round table on "Security issues at the end of the second millennium", attended by army officers from Romania and NATO member countries
1998-2000 initiation and implementation of extensive modernisation works on the road between Alexandria and Bucharest, which led to the reclassification of national road DN 6 to European road E 70
May 1999 organisation of the national seminar "Agriculture - a national priority", attended by specialists from the Ministry of Agriculture and policy makers (prefects and presidents of county councils from all the counties of the country)
2001 development of the new strategy for rehabilitation of county roads, aimed at the modernisation, repair and maintenance of the entire county road network
2002 - 2012 initiation of contacts with regions of EU member states and other countries, in order to make collaboration and twinning agreements: regions of Gelderland, Overijssel (Netherlands), Oise (France), Stockholm (Sweden), Abruzzo, Tuscany Lazio, Veneto (Italy), An Hui (China)
October 2002 initiation, at the CLRAE in Strasbourg, as co-rapporteur, of the project "Water management in the Danube Basin, starting from the experience of the Rhine Basin regions"
November 2002 establishment of the Teleorman county representation office in Brussels - the only Romanian county represented in the capital of Europe
2003 - 2012 activities to promote Romania and the local public administration at the Committee of the Regions, in Brussels
April 2003 organisation, as CLRAE rapporteur, of the European conference on water management in the Danube Basin, on the theme of the Report on "The role of regional and local authorities in the management of water resources", attended by guests from over 20 European countries, representatives of the Government of Romania and of European Union institutions
May 2003 the report was unanimously adopted as Resolution by the CLRAE, and as Recommendation by the Council of Europe
May 2003 organisation in Brussels of the first major event to promote and know in the European Union a region of a candidate country – "Teleorman - Open Day"
September 2003 participation in the "Forum of Romanian-French local public authorities", as a member of the Romanian delegation
December 2003 Establishment of the youth structure "Pupils' County Council", composed of representatives of all the high schools in the county, operating by the structure and organisation of the Teleorman County Council
  • Pupils' County Council members participated in drafting the European Handbook "Education for Danube"
December 2003 Cultural promoting of Romania and Teleorman county in EU countries through the show "The Cultural Teleorman" performed in Brussels by the ensemble of songs and dances "Burnas" of County Council
March 2004 Initiating the procedure of setting up in Brussels the Representation Bureau of National Union of County Councils from Romania
2005 initiator of the "Danube Strategy" for developing the Teleorman County, with the implementation of border crossing by ferryboat at Turnu Magurele (Romania) - Nikopol (Bulgaria);
October 2005 official launch of the Representation Bureau of National Union of County Councils from Romania in Brussels
September 2006 initiator of the draft law amending of the local government to promote decentralization and expansion of regional and local autonomy;
January 2007 signatory of the cooperation agreement between Teleorman county and Department of Seine-et-Marne (France);

Initiator of several changes in legislation to promote local autonomy and decentralization of government financing;

Initiator and coordinator of the National Program for Local Development, financed by Ministry of Regional Development and Public Administration, establishes the legal framework for the implementation of projects of local importance which support regional development;

The promoter of the idea of regionalization and decentralization of Romania and support the project by organizing an extensive public debate aimed at bringing local and central government closer to the citizen.