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Legislature 2012-2016
Full name Party
Elections End of the
1. Dobre Victor Paul Dobre Victor Paul PNL
2. Chirvăsuță Laurențiu Chirvăsuță Laurențiu UNPR PSD
2. Toader Mircea-Nicu Toader Mircea-Nicu PDL PNL
3. Chebac Eugen Chebac Eugen PP-DD UNPR
3. Scarlat George Scarlat George PNL
4. Ștefan Viorel Ștefan Viorel PSD
5. Nica Dan
until 23.06.2014
Nica Dan PSD
6. Pâslaru Florin-Costin Pâslaru Florin-Costin PSD
7. Roșca Lucreția Roșca Lucreția PSD
8. Ciucă Liviu-Bogdan Ciucă Liviu-Bogdan PC
9. Nechita Aurel
until 4.06.2013
Nechita Aurel PSD
substitute by
Georgescu Laura
since 11.06.2014
Georgescu Laura  PSD  
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