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Legislature 2012-2016
Full name Party
Elections End of the
1. Oros Nechita-Adrian Oros Nechita-Adrian PNL
2. Cătăniciu Steluța-Gustica Cătăniciu Steluța-Gustica PNL   Indep.
3. Cristea Aurelia Cristea Aurelia PSD
4. Gurzău Adrian Gurzău Adrian PDL   Indep.
5. Zlati Radu Zlati Radu PNL
6. Itu Cornel Itu Cornel PSD
7. Moldovan Ioan
until 10.10.2016
Moldovan Ioan PP-DD PC
8. Irimie Vicențiu-Mircea Irimie Vicențiu-Mircea PDL PC
9. Reuer Elena-Ramona Reuer Elena-Ramona PNL
10. Máté András-Levente Máté András-Levente UDMR
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