The availability of information and analysis is essential for the efficient functioning of democratic parliaments. Parliamentary research, documentation and libraries are fundamental to the use and provision of impartial, relevant and official data and analyses, and library and purchased publications stock.

For the efficient operation of specific parliamentary activities, the Department for Parliamentary Studies and EU Policies operates within the services of the Chamber of Deputies.

    The Department has the following main tasks:
    • to respond to requests for documentation from Members engaged in parliamentary activities of:
    • initiation and adoption of laws;
    • examination of the proposals initiated by the institutions of the European Union;
    • parliamentary scrutiny of the executive;
    • parliamentary diplomacy;
  • to provide the applicants with specialised information, opinions from external experts, documents adopted by the institutions of the European Union and Member States of the European Union, books, Romanian and foreign books, parliamentary and governmental documents, full references, as well as information contained in their own databases or in external databases;
  • to manage its databases;
  • to exchange information with the European Centre for Parliamentary Research and Documentation (ECPRD);
  • to cooperate with similar structures, at national and international level, to exchange information and best practices.

    The composition of the Department for Parliamentary Studies and EU Policies is the following:
  • The Directorate for Legislative Studies and Documentation;
  • Directorate for the European Union.

Contact details:
Head of Department - Cristina-Valeria STROESCU
Tel.: 021 - 414.1800/ 1801
Fax: 021 - 414.1812