Carol DINA
Parliamentary activity in legislature 2004-2008

Constituency no.18 GALATI
start of the mandate: 17 february 2004 - HS nr.57/2004

Political party:
PRM-Great Romania Party

Parliamentary group:
Parliamentary group of the Great Romania Party  Vice-Leader - since feb. 2006

Standing committees
(since dec. 2008) - Vice-Chairperson (since feb. 2008)
(until dec. 2008) - Chairperson
(until feb. 2006)

Inquiry committees
- Chairperson

Parliamentary delegations:
Delegation of the Parliament of Romania to the Parliamentary Assembly of the Black Sea Economic Cooperation - since dec. 2005 member

Parliamentary friendship groups:
 Friendship parliamentary group with French Republic - Senate  Secretary
 Friendship parliamentary group with Republic of Peru 
 Friendship parliamentary group with Lebanese Republic 
 Friendship parliamentary group with Denmark 
 Friendship parliamentary group with Oriental Republic of Uruguay