Parliamentary activity in legislature 2016-present

Constituency no.23 IALOMITA
start of the mandate: 21 december 2016 - HCD nr.122/2016

Political party:
PSD-Social Democratic Party

Parliamentary group:
The parliamentary group of the Social Democrat Party  Vice-Leader - since feb. 2020

Standing committees
Committee for Public Administration Territorial Planning
The Committee on European Affairs - Vice-Chairperson (since mar. 2018)

Parliamentary delegations:
Delegation to the International Assembly of French-speaking Parliamentarians - since jul. 2018
 - until jun. 2020
Delegation to the Parliamentary Assembly of the South-East European Cooperation Process - since oct. 2017 substitute member

Parliamentary friendship groups:
 Friendship parliamentary group with Brazil - until nov. 2018
 Friendship parliamentary group with Estonia 
 Friendship parliamentary group with Republic of Cuba - since nov. 2018
 Friendship parliamentary group with Kingdom of Morocco 
 Friendship parliamentary group with United Arab Emirates  Vice-Chairperson
 Friendship parliamentary group with Ukraine - since sep. 2017